A Moment of Gratitude

I'm pausing my lunch break for a moment of gratitude, a big one. ⁣

2020 has been exhausting yet exhilarating. The first quarter was our best yet for HH. We did 80% of our revenue from 2019 in those first 3 months. In mid-March, I a bit of a mental health breakdown, which was tiring, & kept me full of stress & anxiety for months. In May, we kicked off the Portland TN Farmers Market. By July, I was feeling better, we took over the lease of the building where HHLM now lives, & I have not slowed down since. ⁣

From August to December 24, I poured every bit of time & energy I had into creating, building & nurturing our small, specialty grocery store. I barely slept, I didn't workout (the store burned enough calories), & I pretty much ate like crap. Also, don't forget, Covid made its presence known in the kids and me, & my husband worked in Croatia 3 of those 4 months. But, it was so worth it. ⁣

The past 10 days, I've been able to take a break. I've been able to stop and breathe. I've crafted & cooked with my family. We've slept late & taken naps. We've enjoyed long walks with our new Millie girl. None of which would've been possible without our unbelievably amazing team. ⁣

So today, I'm grateful for Punchy & Paula, & Ronnie, too! They've all gained my trust & I am so thankful to have them as part of our little Harbin Hollow Family. Without them, this much needed mental health break would not have been possible. If you came to the market recently, & I missed you, know I was practicing a little self-care so that the next time we meet, I'll be refreshed, re-inspired, & reenergized. ⁣

Being able to support so many small businesses & also creating jobs for people I care about in the middle of a global pandemic has to be the most rewarding feeling ever. What they likely don't realize is their positive impact on me is likely way greater than my impact on them. ⁣

I'm also really thankful for this delicious Tomato Panang Curry Soup & Roasted Sorghum Vegetables from Broth Stop Tn (available in store) & this sourdough my father-in-law baked toasted with Amish roll butter. It was easy, delicious & nutritious. ⁣

Which by the way, should we carry San Francisco style

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