⁣Thank you, thank you, thank you to my staff for stepping up the last few months and really helping me feel like I can step away some, and to all of you who have shopped with us this week, WE DID IT! Our sales are up and it looks like we have the nearly $1k boost needed to pay that electric bill! THANK YOU!!!


This morning, I woke to start my day as normal. I made a cup of coffee & started my devotional and meditation routine. I've been running hard between work & personal obligations w/ the stress of the financial struggles of the store and family events. I felt like I was balancing it all... sort of. After my coffee, my stomach started to knot up & I got nauseous. I got sick to my stomach & started to recall what I had eaten or if I'd been around anyone that was sick. ⁣

I made the decision to skip my first appointment of the day & go back to bed. A weight was lifted. Then, I decided to clear my calendar for the rest of the day, to just be, and see if I was actually sick. I knew my kids could use the rest, too. ⁣

Turns out, I don't think I was sick from anything I ate or a virus at all. I think I was experiencing a severe moment of overwhelm and have been in a period of burnout. For the last two years, this store has consumed me. I may not always be physically at the store but mentally I've been working around the clock, non-stop. Even on vacations and trips, I constantly check my phone and all my accounts to make sure the cash flow is where it needs to be to cover payroll, buy inventory, and pay utilities. ⁣and don't forget, Ronnie travels for work, so I'm juggling his and the kiddos schedule. We all struggle with knowing if we're coming or going. (Continued in comments...)

I woke up for the second time this morning around 8:30 am and told myself to just take the day. It can all wait. I checked my temp. No fever. I started to feel better and realized what I needed was a mental health day. Coop, LJ, and I rode bikes and jumped on the trampoline with sprinklers. We did art, cooked meals and napped. I got what seemed like a million of these days with my kids before I opened my brick and mortar, and I no longer take that time for granted. ⁣

Today, I gave myself permission to chill. Usually, I would've pushed through and wore myself down even more. Learning life lessons is awesome, and taking a step to prioritize myself and my family today is a valuable one. ⁣And let me tell you, it was totally worth it. THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO TAKE MORE TIME TO JUST BE.


Now, y'all be patient as I get back to work restocking all the items we have sold out of the last few days. 😉


Thank you for being a part of the HH journey. I hope you can learn what not to do from the stories I share. 😜




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