Ethical Meat Consumption

Friendly, educational PSA...⁣

Here is a shot of our beautiful meat cooler. We stock locally raised beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. We source from small producers who are often killing 1-2 animals at a time. ⁣

Our mission here at HHLM is to provide local, small farms and businesses a marketplace to sell their products. We love offering familiar favorites, but we also like to introduce you to new and unique items you may not have had before or that you can't get elsewhere in Portland or surrounding areas. ⁣

Yesterday, I had two different sets of customers leave, and not purchase a single thing, because I couldn't provide them with a specific cut of meat. One wanted chicken breasts and the other a large number of ribeye steaks. Normally, we keep those stocked but had sold out, but as you can see, I still have a relatively full meat cooler. I can't afford to purchase more meat when I'm sitting on ALL of this! ⁣

The markup on meat is VERY low and the cash flow it takes to keep this cooler stocked is insurmountable. Only selling ribeyes and chicken breasts doesn't help the farmers or HH. My labor cost percentage is higher than the markup on meat, so we HAVE to sell other things to supplement. ⁣

If we are going to raise meat for human consumption, ethically, we should be utilizing as much of the animal as possible. The farmers also don't need my help selling ribeyes and chicken breasts. They need me to help move flat irons, flank steak, and short ribs, too. Try a leg quarter or a pork tenderloin, chorizo or ground pork, skirt steak or arm roast. ⁣

The only way all this works is if the farmers, and we, can sell a variety of cuts. The supply of ribeyes and chicken breasts is not unlimited, so let's get creative together and learn to use more parts of this animals to be ethical meat eaters who FULLY support our local farmers who put in the work to feed us. ⁣

I hope you'll stop in this weekend and try something new! ⁣

Here's some resources for learning the cuts:⁣

Beef Cuts:⁣

Chicken Cuts:⁣

Pork Cuts:⁣

Lamb Cuts:⁣

(Links for 📸 credits, too. 😉)⁣

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