Find Strength in Vulnerability

Over five years ago, I set out on a health and wellness journey that started with me working on my physical health. I was diagnosed with Latent Auto-immune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), a form of diabetes that shows symptoms and signs of both types 1 and 2, commonly referred to as Type 1 1/2. (Yay for being an overachiever and have both types of diabetes. 😂) I also had hypertension, was overweight, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs, and full of anxiety and depression tendencies. I was able to reverse and overcome ALL of those diagnoses and disorders.

Fast forward to March 2020 and all of the madness it brought, and not the super awesome college basketball March Madness we all missed so much this year. I Did. Not. Handle. It. Well. Period. I was a mess pretty much the entire month.

I let my self-care routines slip and anxiety began to take over. I again self-medicated in unhealthy ways and took a detour down the dark path off the wagon. Luckily, I have amazing family and friends who helped me snap out of it, have forgiven me, are assisting me with staying grounded and looking forward not backward. At the end of the day, the present moment is the one thing we can efficiently control through our choices and by getting grounded.

I've been doing a ton of praying/meditating/journaling, exercising, clean eating (more often than not but def enjoying cooking through COVID-19), and simply spending time finding gratitude in the many blessings we do have in spite of the stresses of slashed income due to loss of work coupled with the uncertainty of how our new world is gonna look.

I was finally able to show my self some grace and realize that the few days I fell off that wagon and back into old habits does not negate the over 1600 I've had living in sobriety. I'm not starting over. Life is not a destination. Life is a journey and we are all in it together.

Sharing my story from a place of vulnerability has helped me since day one of trying to just be better, and it still does today. If you, too, are suffering from anxiety, fear, substance abuse, food addiction, or eating disorders, know your not alone.

Here is an acronym I learned this week from the Shine app that I found really helpful for dealing with anxiety:

SHINE for Anxiety

S- Start with your values. Notice moments where you are patient, courageous, kind, thoughtful.

H- Honor your negative thoughts- Use the 3 N's: Notice, Name, and Neutralize your feelings.

I- Identify and care for your needs. Do you need some "me time?" More confidence? To feel safe?

N- Notice the present moment. Get grounded. Drop your anchor. No one can take the present from you.

E- Embrace progress over perfection. Be a caring friend to yourself. Always, better not perfect.

I've been sharing my struggles in a private group I started over three years ago. It's a safe place where I not only talk about mental health, but we share recipes, fitness tips, and simply how to be overall better together. Request to join Healthy in the Hollow on FB and I'll happily approve you.

Happy Saturday, y'all! Join me in letting go of some burdens and always know you're not alone! Find strength in your vulnerability.

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