Gratitude turns what we have into enough. " -Aesop

It's cold, y'all. Last night, when our county announced that schools would be starting two hours late, I was very excited to gain two hours of sleep this morning. However, once the morning came, and I was two hours behind schedule getting kids dressed, fed, and out the door, I became frustrated as my phone notifications started blowing up and my to do list remained untouched yet growing.


Then, my gratitude & guidance reminder on my phone went off. Y'all may recall me saying I have various alarms set throughout my day reminding me to give a little prayer of thanks and ask for guidance. Today, that reminder brought me back to a state of gratefulness.


I gave thanks for being able to be home with my children while they are young. I gave thanks for the opportunity to grow this business into something that will continue to allow our family the freedom to be together. I gave thanks for the extra sleep and reminded myself it'll all get done. I asked for guidance and a little patience as I navigated the remainder of my day, and all of a sudden, all was well with my soul.



Once Miss LJ was on the bus, Cooper and I headed back inside and made us an elderberry spice smoothie on this frigid, cold Tennessee day. We snuggled up, and watched an episode of @SesameStreet before I left for a day of meetings. Taking the opportunity to nourish our bodies while wrapped in a blanket watching one of my favorite educational kids programs is truly something to be grateful for.







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