Harbin Hollow Local Market * 809 N Broadway * Portland, TN NOW CLOSED

Harbin Hollow Retail Partners: Business Operations During COVID-19

Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a minute and share a list of all of our retail partners and their amended hours and business operations during the restrictions due to COVD-19. 

All of these businesses are small and doing their best to stay afloat and provide essential products and services to their communities.

This list is organized by state and county in alphabetical order. If you are a retailer and amend your hours, shoot me an email at michele@harbinhollow.com and I'll get this page updated! 



Cheatham County 

Nourish Market Place- Kingston Springs, TN: Shop in store from 10-7, Mon- Sat and 12-4 on Sunday. You can also order online and request delivery. 

Davidson County

Batch Nashville- Nashville, TN: Order away online with FREE shipping! They are also offering 30% off Pantry and Bath and Body Items while simultaneously supporting over 100 small and local businesses. 

Dashwood Vintage- Nashville (Donelson), TN: Contact DV via their social media to make purchases and watch for deals. 

East-West Herbal Apothecary- East Nashville, TN: Open normal hours and are offering curbside and shipping services. 

Green Door Gourmet- Nashville (West), TN: Visit the market 10 customers at a time, pick up curbside, and order online. 

Herbal Heart- Nashville, TN: Watch her social media for amended hours.

International Tea & Coffee Co- East Nashville, TN: Local delivery orders of $20 or more. Check her social media for the menu and order by phone, email, or DM. 

Mill Creek Mercantile- Nashville (Donelson), TN: Call, email, or message to place orders for pickup or for shipping. 

Orbit Health Food Store- Goodlettsville, TN: Order online or by phone and pick up curbside. They also have delivery options! 

Perk Up Cafe & Gifts- Goodlettsville, TN: Order via phone and pick up curbside or have your goodies delivered via Postmates. 

Produce Place- Nashville, TN: Amended store hours of 9 am to 3 pm and when it's nice out, they have a beautiful produce stand outside to shop.

Roman Pharmacy- Goodlettsville, TN: Currently open normal hours. 

Giles County

East-West Herbal Apothecary- Ardmore, TN

Hamilton County

Market on the Mountain- Lookout Mountain, TN: 

Montgomery County

Sango Pharmacy- Clarksville, TN: Open normal hours. 

Robertson County 

Bryant's Country Store- Greenbrier, TN: 3 customers at a time may visit the store with curbside pickup preferred. Just give them a call! 

Cafe 31- White House, TN: Call in your order and pick it up on the patio or in the lobby. Check their FB or IG for the menu. 

Davis & Co Mercantile- White House, TN: Closed for the season. 

Greenbrier Pharmacy- Greenbrier, TN: Open normal hours and limiting number of customers in the store at the same time. 

Hancock Family Farm- Springfield, TN: Closed for the season. 

Our Serenity Shop- Springfield, TN: Currently open and check their social media for updated hours of operation. 

Prescription Shoppe- White House, TN: FREE delivery and the drive-thru is OPEN.

Reubensville Feed Mill- Portland, TN: Open normal hours but limiting store guests to 10 or less at a time. 

Thomas Drugs- Cross Plains, TN: Call to order treats from the soda fountain for carryout and visit the pharmacy via the drive-thru. 

Sumner County

Bloomin' Deals- Portland, TN: Watch their social media for sales and promotions. Arrange pick up by appointment. 

God's Green Earth- Gallatin, TN: Closed as we navigate COVID-19. 

Hendersonville Produce- Hendersonville, TN: Open Mon- Sat 8am - 5pm and Sunday 11am - 5pm. 

Hill Family Farm- White House, TN: Open for pickup via online ordering or messaging via social media Mon- Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-12. All contact info is on their FB page. 

Howard's Vitamin Store- Gallatin, TN: Open normal hours and are taking reflexology appointments. 

Milo Cafe- Portland, TN:  Curbside pick up! 

Pied Piper Herbs- Portland, TN: Open normal hours. 

Sassy Girl Boutique- Portland, TN Shop online and get your goodies shipped. 

Someone's in the Kitchen- Hendersonville, TN: Watch social media for preorders and pickup hours. 

Wilson County

Animo Organics- Mt. Juliet, TN: Order online and arrange shipping or pickup. 

Breedens Orchard- Mt. Juliet, TN: Curbside service coming soon! 

Demeters Common- Lebanon, TN: Watch social media for operating hours and pick up curbside. 

Orbit Nutrition & Wellness- Mt. Juliet, TN:  Order online or by phone and pick up curbside. They also have delivery options! 

Williamson County

Herban Market- Franklin, TN: They are open for all the essentials, offer curbside pickup and delivery via Delivery Dudes. 

Oh My Chives- Nolensville, TN: Open Mon- Fri 10 -5 and Sat-Sun 10-3. They offer curbside and delivery as well. 

Pharmacy Care of TN- Nolensville, TN : Curbside service is open for business! 



Barefoot Fit Jess- Centre, AL: PM or email to meet and arrange pickup. 

Healthy in Bama- Jacksonville, AL: The store is closed but get in touch with H in B for shipping of all your favorite products. 

Sweet Heart Alabama- Greenville, AL: Curbside service is open M-F 10-2. 



Medicine Shoppe- Jonesboro: Drive-thru and delivery is open!

Professional Pharmacy- Stuttgart: Drive-thru, curbside and delivery services available. 



Sheldon's Pharmacy- Franklin, KY 

Habegger's Variety Store- Scottsville, KY: Open normal hours. 

Nutrition Center- Bowling Green, KY: Open normal hours.

Sheldon's Pharmacy Fairview- Bowling Green, KY 

Sheldon's Pharmacy South Glen Gables- Bowling Green, KY



Oxford RX- Oxford, Mississippi: Shop online, have orders shipped, or swing thru the drive-thru. 



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