Hot Honey Bacon Vinaigrette

Wilted salad with hot Bacon vinaigrette


Told y'all what I was gonna do with the bacon and greens! Wilted salads for dinner were delish. ⁣

Harbin Hollow Hot Bacon Vinaigrette⁣

4 strips Gifford's Bacon- fried and crumbled⁣
1/4 Harbin Hollow Honey⁣
1/4 Apple Cider Vinegar⁣
2 tbls extra Virgin olive oil ⁣

Fry the bacon, cool, crumble. Whisk together honey, ACV, EVOO. Drain bacon grease and pour whisked ingredients into frying pan with bacon drippings. Stir to reduce over medium heat and add in bacon crumbles. ⁣

Pour over your favorite greens. I chose Wade Farmz zesty salad mix with Eco Gardens fresh green onions. ⁣

Even the kiddos liked this dressing! They chose bibb lettuce and snuck some kale in. 😉 ⁣

⁣These lettuces will only be available while the weather is cooler, so you better come get them while you can.

Learn to cook locally and seasonally! It's fun and sooooo good for you!

⁣ Plus, think of all the local farmers your supporting. ⁣

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