Mother's Day = Sweet Emotions

Mother's Day...

is waking up snuggled next to your babies but missing the one who made you a mother while he travels to provide for us.

is rushing to feed and dress everyone to make it to church.

 is getting handmade gifts from the kids, a red rose from the church, and a gift from a sweet friend to help you  mourn the recent loss of your grandmother.

is going to the grocery store.

is loving on all the other mamas in your life.

is fixing lunch to have it spilt in the floor.

is mopping up chocolate milk.

is napping with your toddler.

is doing multiple loads of laundry.

is getting peed on and changing the bed sheets.

is making fresh, sweetened strawberries for shortcake.


is Mother's Day dinner with the fam. 

is eating whatever the hell you want.

is taking lots of pictures.

is stepping on Little People, taking out the trash, cleaning out the truck, and doing the dishes.

is playing sweet shop and eating pretend desserts. 

is laughing and loving so hard while taking in every single sweet moment.

Being a mom drastically changed the trajectory of my life. It led to weight loss, sobriety, and most recently, a small business in which we create all natural & handcrafted food products with health & wellness in mind. Words can't express how grateful I am to experience all the emotions that are #MOTHERHOOD. Happy Mother's Day. Embrace the ride.













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