National Lazy Day

Courtney informed us today that it's #NationalLazyDay, and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage each of you to be a little more lazy in hopes of inspiring myself to do the same. ⁣

On this day of lazy celebration, I found myself having done more work by 11:30 am than many people do in a couple of days, and I think that is typical for a lot of entrepreneurs. The constant hustle is EXHAUSTING, particularly here in the beginning. I haven't made it far enough to see if it slows down but right now, here in the midst of a recession after surviving a global pandemic, I'm tired, and I can't see the path of profitability ahead of me for HH. With every passing day, keeping our doors open gets more and more challenging. ⁣

We are currently hemorrhaging money. That nearly $1k electric bill from last month is nearly $1200 this month, 25% higher than last year. Our dumpster removal has doubled. Most food costs have doubled. Labor costs are up. Insurance premiums are up. These are all hard costs that I can't pass along, and it's making the future of this local market look very dim. ⁣

I cry every single day about this business and the financial strain it is putting on myself and my family, but I also laugh a lot and find time to rest. ⁣

So, today, when I was overwhelmed by noon, I enjoyed the most lovely lunch meeting with a fellow entrepreneur who is also inspired to inspire others and create positive ripples of change in this world and then...⁣

I took a nap. ⁣

Yep, I went home to REST and be, what some would call, LAZY. I took a 45 minute nap while it rained on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of a work day. I figure I deserve to celebrate National Lazy Day, too! ⁣

Then, I woke up and basically completed two more days of work before going to pick up my kids from school. 😂 ⁣

So⁣, this is your sign to take more naps and get more rest. Embrace lazy moments and view them as rejuvenation not laziness. We all deserve to recharge, even on a rainy Wednesday at 2 pm. 

Pic of Coop finding ways to rest at a buffet in Gatlinburg for inspo. He had a mini-spa day after visiting the salad bar. #goals⁣

#harbinhollow #rest #lazy #spaday #cucumbers #mompreneur


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