Sourdough Monkey Bread

As I promised in my live video yesterday, here is the monkey bread recipe I made while quarantined. ⁣

Enjoy the ooey gooey goodness that is this boujee monkey bread made with Alfresco Sourdough Pizza Dough, a Wise Blueberry Butter coating, topped with a Chaney's Strawberry Milk glaze. 🤤 ⁣

All you need:⁣

1/2 Cup Packed Brown Sugar⁣
1.5 tsp cinnamon⁣
6 tbls butter- Wise Blueberry⁣
1 pound Alfredco pizza dough⁣
1/3 cup powdered sugar⁣
2 tsp milk- Chaney's Strawberry ⁣

All you do:⁣

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a bundt pan. Roll the dough flat into about a 6" square. Cut into strips and then approximately 36 small pieces. Roll those into little balls. ⁣

Melt your butter and put in one bowl. Mix the cinnamon and brown sugar and put in another bowl. Dip the dough balls into the butter then coat with the cinnamon/sugar mixture. ⁣

Place the balls in a single layer in the pan. Cover with plastic and let them rise for about an hour. Remove the plastic and bake 20-25 minutes until brown on top. ⁣

Let cool for about 5 minutes and then flip onto a plate or your favorite serving tray. ⁣

Try it and let me know what you think! ⁣

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