The Circle of Love

🎼 Easy like Sunday Morning... 🎶 ⁣

Got to stay up late, (finally finished Run, Rose, Run by Dolly Parton and James Patterson), and got to wake up slow. ⁣

For me, Sunday mornings are spiritual, even though I may not land myself in a church pew. I start with a few silent statements of gratitude, at least 10 minutes of meditation, a good cup of tea or coffee, CBS Sunday Morning, Wordle, the Mini NY Times crossword puzzle, and breakfast. ⁣

Most Sundays are less than quiet with kids and a large dog but this morning, the house is empty. It's just me, and I'm reminded how full of love this home we've built is, even though I'm currently here alone. (Hubs is traveling for work and kids are with MeeMaw). ⁣

Love is a feeling, one you have to learn to give in order to receive. I hope each and every one of you feel the love we put into every aspect of Harbin Hollow. From spreading the local love to selecting products we know you'll love to our attitude of gratitude for each of you we display, we wouldn't dare trade the struggles for all of the love we get back from all of you. ⁣

Harbin Hollow has grown and continues to grow into a way we can continually love on each other in ways I never imagined. We support adolescent and minority owned businesses, up and coming musical artists, small farms and small businesses, and support dozens of local non-profits in our community. The circle of love is a powerful one, so thanks to each of you that keep it spinning. ⁣

This morning, I'm also loving on this gluten free, dairy free, soy free granola from 4U Snacks. I paired it with yogurt, fresh berries (sold outta strawberries and I didn't even get any this weekend! 😆) and of course, it's drizzled with Harbin Hollow local honey. We have four flavors but today, I'm "Waking Up with Georgia's King", a peanut butter, pecan, and banana blend of clean ingredients. 🤤 ⁣

Check out the other flavors from this woman owned business and order online here:


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