What I Learned from a Short Social Media Break

I logged off of social media at 8:00 am yesterday morning. It was a Sunday, and as I laid in bed the night before, I felt moved to take a break. I knew the upcoming week was going to be filled with hustle, bustle, travel, and very little sleep. I needed a day to refresh my mind and focus on my faith and my family. I have come to the realization that I am literally addicted to social media, and I spend way too much time mindlessly scrolling.

So, I made a post on Harbin Hollow’s Instagram and shared it to my personal and business Facebook pages that I would be taking a break. It is now noon the next day, and I still haven’t logged back on. The break has been amazing, and I while it was short, it has made me realize how much social media was controlling how my time was spent. It was stealing my joy and my productivity levels were not what they could be. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned in just over 24 hours with no social media:

1) I am way more present. 

I spend a lot of time with my kids, but I’m always checking my phone. Yesterday, we went to church, did puzzles, painted, and had a pizza party. We read books and my daughter officially completed the first half of a Kindergarten reading curriculum. (She starts school in just a few months). I watched television w/out having to rewind because I missed something while on my phone. I meditated and stopped to express gratitude multiple times throughout the day.

 2) I had more “me” time.

After the kids went to bed, I was able to complete my to-do list for Monday and actually read a book that isn’t written by Dr. Suess. (Check out A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman if you’re looking for motivation to live your best life as your truest self.) Monday morning, I was able to do some yoga and shower before the kids were even up and asking for breakfast. That’s a huge win. I was able to write this blog with purpose and intent instead of on a whim.

3) Aside from social media, I am on my phone…A LOT.

I use it as my planner, utilizing the calendar and creating lists including my to-do, social media post/ blog ideas, and grocery lists. I check my bank balances and pay bills. I research recipes for meal planning. I read the news and eBooks. I set alarms with reminders to check my blood sugar (I have LADA Diabetes). I shop and of course, make calls, text and email with it. Maybe next time, I need to completely disconnect for 24 hours!

4) I did miss it.

I missed the social interaction. I love building and maintaining relationships and consider it my biggest strength in person and online. I also missed checking certain pages. I check news sites on Facebook and follow motivating accounts on Instagram for inspiration. However, while I missed it, I appreciate the time and focus I gained in return tenfold.


Taking a break was well worth it, and I think I may leave the apps off my phone for a few days to see how that works. I will keep the FB messenger app because it is tied to my ecommerce site, but I am going to be more intentional about when I log on and when I respond to comments because this little break was good for my soul. I will always love social media and connect with my online communities, but this little experiment was awakening, and I vow to take more breaks in order to live a more purpose filled live with intent. 

Wanna try a "social media detox"? Join my free online community where I will be leading one very soon! HEALTHY IN THE HOLLOW

Now, I'm headed to log on and make sure my whole world didn't come crashing down after being logged off for less than 30 hours. ;)


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