8-Frame Complete Pro-Hive Kit

8-Frame Complete Pro-Hive Kit

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Our Pro-Hive assembly includes everything you'll need during your first year of beekeeping and honey production.  While you most likely won't be able to harvest much honey during your first year, the more you can leave on for the bees, the better.  This kit comes with everything you'll need to set your bees up for success over that first winter.  

All select wooden parts are made from dried cypress to withstand the elements and are delivered unpainted.  The kit includes the following fully-assembled items:

• 1 x Wooden Hive Stand with 10" legs

• 1 x Bottom Board (Screened or Solid) w/ Entrance Reducer

• 2 x Deep Brood Boxes filled with 8 wooden frames w/ waxed plastic foundation

• 1 x Metal bound Queen Excluder

• 2 x Medium Honey Supers filled with 8 wooden frames w/ natural wax foundation

• 1 x Wooden Inner Cover

• 1 x Telescoping outer cover

If you have questions about how to proceed, please call 615-323-9822 and ask for Ron.


May require 3-5 days for pickup.  Please wait until you receive your confirmation email before coming to collect hive bodies.