8-Frame Starter Hive

8-Frame Starter Hive

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Give your colony the best chance for success using our 8-Frame, Langstroth-style starter hive.  All wooden parts are made from dried cypress to withstand the elements and are delivered unpainted.  The kit includes the following fully-assembled items:

• 1 x Bottom Board (Screened or Solid) w/ Entrance Reducer

• 1 x Deep Brood Box filled with 8 wooden frames w/ waxed plastic foundation

• 1 x Wooden Inner Cover

• 1 x Telescoping outer cover

Once your bees have drawn out 6 of the included frames of foundation, it's time to add another deep brood box or medium honey super, depending on your approach. Add a 10" hive stand and hive top feeder to take your colony to the next level.

If you have questions about how to proceed, please call 615-323-9822 and ask for Ron.


May require 3-5 days for pickup.  Please wait until you receive your confirmation email before coming to collect hive bodies.