BEES: 5-Frame Nucleus Colony - Italian Hybrid Queen

BEES: 5-Frame Nucleus Colony - Italian Hybrid Queen

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The perfect way to start your bee yard.

These are healthy, 5-frame nucs with eggs, larvae, a mated, laying queen and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. These nucs are bred from local stock and should perform well in the local climate. 

Starting with a nucleus colony jumpstarts your hive, immediately.  Simply install the frames you receive in an 8 or 10 frame starter hive, shake the remaning bees into the new box and you're off and running.  Depending on the strength of the colony and the availability of food, you may be adding your second box in just a week or two.  

Nucs will be made available through a partnership with a bee farm in Shelbyville, TN.  We expect the nucs to be available in late April/early May. Pickup dates will be determined in mid April and we will communicate those to all customers, as soon as possible. Nucs must be picked up at our Portland, TN store unless prior delivery arrangements are made. Nucs may come in cardboard nuc boxes, corrugated plastic nuc boxes or plastic nuc boxes. 

Please call 615-323-9822 and ask for Ron to discuss availability and/or order live bees.