Latchkey Lathers- Tobacco Flower & Honey

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Introducing the Raw Honey and Tobacco Flower Shave Soap from Latchkey Lathers:⁣

Fragranced BEAUTIFULLY with tobacco flower and raw honey, this shaving soap has both a gorgeous scent and truly excellent "slip," thanks to the inclusion of bentonite clay and glycerin with antioxidant-rich honey soap.⁣

Because this shaving soap contains bentonite clay, you may notice spots or swirls of clay in the soap as you use it. This is normal and indicative of ingredients that help the razor to glide across the skin without snagging or cutting. ⁣

Fragrance Notes: Tobacco flower has a warm and spicy sweetness that blends well with bourbon, ginger root, and raw honey notes. The finish has hints of vanilla bean, teak wood, and dried fruits.⁣

To Use: Apply liberally and use for shaving whenever you want that exquisite, fresh-from-the barber-shop feeling!⁣

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