Purus Allure- Sugar Scrub Cubes

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Jarin James, the founder of Purus Allure Soap, started soapmaking while on a mission of love.  In 2015, Jarin’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare skin disease (1 in 8 million kind of rare). Jarin took a hard look at what her family was putting on their skin, only to find they were not even using real soap - just detergents and a bubbling agent!  A chemist by trade, Jarin was eager to make her own soap, and quickly thereafter, her own soap formulas, striving to formulate a soap that would moisturize and help reduce the inflammation of her daughter’s skin.

After seeing her daughter’s self-confidence grow as her skin turned to normal made Jarin realize the effect our skin has on our confidence and how we see ourselves in our day to day lives. If a bar of soap could give someone more confidence and a greater self-esteem, it needed to be shared with the world. In February 2018, Jarin founded Purus Allure to help others find confidence in their skin and themselves.