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Just had some Elderberry Syrup from Harbin Hollow. It is so good! I have had 2 other brands, which I never looked forward to taking. This is far and away the best tasting syrup! I will have no problem taking this every day.

P. Spraggins, Hendersonville, TN

As a pharmacist, I have access to a variety of cold & flu products but Harbin Hollow elderberry syrup is what I personally use and recommend to patients. I keep a bottle in my fridge at all times!

K. Washam, Bowling Green, KY

I know the owner truly cares about providing a healthy, quality product & great customer service. The elderberry syrup was tasty & my whole family drinks it!

J. Sanford, Centre, AL

From my family, to yours!

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"The first wealth is health."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Becoming a mother changed me... for the better.

I became more aware, more knowledgeable, more cautious, caring, and loving. I embarked on a personal health and fitness journey because I knew I couldn't pour from an empty cup. I had to take care of me in order to take care of them. From there, the rest fell into place. 

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