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Instant Pot Pulled Pork

I'm testing this for next month's food prep menu, so I thought I'd document, turn it into a video, and share with those of you who may want to try this at home. ⁣⁣It turned out fantastic and is so easy! ⁣⁣Instant Pot Pulled Pork⁣⁣1 tbls olive oil⁣6-7 lb Boston Butt, cut in chunks⁣1 cup water⁣1 16 oz bottle of your fave bbq sauce⁣⁣Set your IP to sauté and warm the olive oil. Place the chunks of pork in the IP and brown each side. Remove the pork pieces once browned and pour in the water. Scrape the pork bits and make a broth. Add the pork back in with the entire bottle of bbq sauce. Cook on high pressure...

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Today, I gave myself permission to chill. Usually, I would've pushed through and wore myself down even more. Learning life lessons is awesome, and taking a step to prioritize myself and my family today is a valuable one. ⁣And let me tell you, it was totally worth it. THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO TAKE MORE TIME TO JUST BE.

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